Gravel bikes

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Adventure begins where the pavement ends

Riding on gravel roads has become an increasingly popular way to enjoy time in the saddle, and for good reason—there’s a lot of terrain to explore, it can be a more engaging experience than riding paved roads, there’s not much traffic, and anyone can do it.

Gravel riders are widely accepted as people who know how to make every adventure a really good time. Want to join the fastest-growing segment of cycling today? Here’s everything you need to know about gravel bikes and gear so you can make your first gravel adventure a great one.

What is a gravel bike?

Gravel bikes are versatile, multi-surface bikes that make it easy to transition from paved roads to gravel paths. They’re the ideal choice on days when you’re not sure where your ride will take you.

Gravel bikes are sort of like the mullet of the cycling world—business on top, party on the bottom. Most have drop bars and the comfortable geometry of an endurance road bike with burlier tires that are closer in width to what you’d see on a mountain bike. Wider tires give you a more comfortable ride and more traction on loose terrain.

Bikes designed specifically for gravel also have extra mounts that make it easier to carry more gear and water, so you can explore farther and take everything you need.